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NOTIFICATION: Permanent migration of all CSB.DB services and functionalities on 1.1.2016.
Herewith we inform you that all CSB.DB databases have been migrated at the beginning of 2016. This includes all gene correlation and expression databases, the GMD@CSB.DB module and all associated databases
The BestFit software, a tool for non-aqueous fractionation data analysis, will also be available by the Experimental Systems Biology Research Group headed by Dr. Patrick Giavalisco.
We thank all users, contributors, and collaborators of CSB.DB at the Max Planck Institute for their long-standing support.
Yours sincerely, the CSB.DB Curator and the CSB.DB Developmental Core Team
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CSB.DB - A Comprehensive Systems-Biology Database -

The Comprehensive Systems-Biology Database (CSB.DB), hosted at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Golm, Germany, provides results of biostatistical analyses on numeric gene expression data associated with current biological knowledge. The main focus of the work is directed toward understanding life's complexity pyramid and to represent a gate to systems biology. CSB.DB maintains Co-Response Databases of various model organisms, namely Escherichia coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Arabidopsis thaliana. Moreover it supports CSB.DB Associated Web Pages as well as it provides tools for the comprehensive analyses of multi-parallel data sets. The major aim of CSB.DB is providing results of biostatistical analyses in conjunction with current biological knowledge to infer hypotheses about the respective functional involvement of cellular inventory.
CSB Project

CSB.DB - The Public Port of the Comprehensive Systems Biology Project

From the CSB.DB Homepage you can view and explore the publicly available species information, annotations and experimental data (CSB.DB Databases). Beyond it, you can view and explore manual gene assignments, which are annotated by specialists in particular research areas (CSB.DB Associated Web Pages). For a first insight look at our Site Map Page.
CSB.DB Notes
Co-Response ModuleBased on expression profiles derived from the AtGenExpress we implement conditional pair wise gene-to-gene co-responses and implement three data matrices which covered the developmental expression set and the abiotic stress set, which was splitted into experiments related to aboveground organs and roots. These co-responses can now be queried via the AthCoR@CSB.DB if the user changed the default matrix setting (2.Matrix). Further information regarding the co-response matrices can be found via our help page (help) or use this link (get more). GMD Module GMD - The Golm Metabolome Database provides public access to custom mass spectra libraries, metabolite profiling experiments and other necessary information related to the field of metabolomics. The main goal will be the representation of an exchange platform for experimental research activities and bioinformatics to develop and improve metabolomics by multidisciplinary cooperation. GMD is maintained by the GMD Consortium, a joint venture of researchers from various research areas having different research interest. The consortium based on an interdisciplinary cooperation to joining expertises from these research interests.
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Acknowledgements We thank the staff of the SMD database, the ASAP database and the NASC Affymetrix Facility / NASCArrays and all scientists who submitted transcript profile data to these databases and thereby enabled comparative investigations. Furthermore, we thank the staff of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). We are grateful to the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology for the support of CSB.DB... more
News / Last Modified To support and improve our service to the science community CSB.DB - A Comprehensive Systems-Biology Database now integrates a metabolome module, namely GMD - The Golm Metabolome Database. The Co-Response Module was updated with co-responses derived from expression profiles submitted by members of the AtGenExpress consortium.
Last Modified: 2004-12-05
Official CSB.DB start was: 2004-03-01.:. more
Service & Contribution We are convinced that the interpretation of co-response requires integration of additional information on the current knowledge of the cellular inventory. We began to implement access to functional annotations. According to these we are convinced that CSB.DB will develop into a useful and informative public resource. To fulfil this goal we are strongly interested in direct contributions & feedback by the science community... more
For suggestions and questions feel free to contact the CSB.DB curator.
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