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NOTIFICATION: GMD has been migrated and will permanently be maintained on private servers.
Herewith we inform you that all CSB.DB databases have been migrated and associated services will be maintained on private servers since the beginning of 2016. This includes all gene correlation and expression databases (search the WWW for alternatives), the GMD@CSB.DB module (alternative will be reachable via and all associated databases (terminated).
The BestFit software, a tool for non-aqueous fractionation data analysis, will be available by the Experimental Systems Biology Research Group headed by Dr. Patrick Giavalisco.
MS Library Information

Mass Spectra Library Information for Library: t_msri_id
library name t_msri_id
description Collection of 855 identified or annotated mass spectral tags (MSTs). This collection contains 632 non-redundant MSTs of which 229 are identified. Mass spectra were manually generated from GC-TOF-MS chromatograms of standard addition experiments or of biological samples. Each MST has an index number (MPIMP-ID) and a substance name. Non-identified MSTs are characterized by mass spectral match and name of best matching substance in square brackets.
version 2004-03-01
method M[1]
citation Wagner C, Sefkow M, Kopka J (2003).
Construction and application of a mass spectral and retention time index database generated from plant GC/EI-TOF-MS metabolite profiles.
Phytochemistry 62(6) 887-900. [PubMed]