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NOTIFICATION: Permanent migration of all CSB.DB services and functionalities on 1.1.2016.
Herewith we inform you that all CSB.DB databases have been migrated at the beginning of 2016. This includes all gene correlation and expression databases, the GMD@CSB.DB module and all associated databases
The BestFit software, a tool for non-aqueous fractionation data analysis, will also be available by the Experimental Systems Biology Research Group headed by Dr. Patrick Giavalisco.
We thank all users, contributors, and collaborators of CSB.DB at the Max Planck Institute for their long-standing support.
Yours sincerely, the CSB.DB Curator and the CSB.DB Developmental Core Team
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Databases maintained at CSB.DB server are created to provide and encourage access within the scientific community and represent sources of comprehensive and current information. Therefore, CSB.DB places no restriction for academic and non-commercial users on the use or distribution of the data contained in the databases.
Most of the information provided by this server are within the public domain and can be accessed via Web interface. The public domain information on the CSB.DB Web page can be freely downloaded and reproduced. However, its is requested that in any subsequent use of this work, CSB.DB be given appropriate acknowledgement.
However, the information provided by this server can be freely downloaded, we request all users to avoid bulk downloads of the informations in our databases via computer script to maintain public and fast access to all users. All information can be downloaded via our Download page. Please contact the CSB.DB-Curator if you miss necessary information therein.
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