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NOTIFICATION: GMD has been migrated and will permanently be maintained on private servers.
Herewith we inform you that all CSB.DB databases have been migrated and associated services will be maintained on private servers since the beginning of 2016. This includes all gene correlation and expression databases (search the WWW for alternatives), the GMD@CSB.DB module (alternative will be reachable via and all associated databases (terminated).
The BestFit software, a tool for non-aqueous fractionation data analysis, will be available by the Experimental Systems Biology Research Group headed by Dr. Patrick Giavalisco.
GMD@CSB.DB - MSRI: The Mass Spectral (MS) and Retention Time Index (RI) Libraries
GMD provides public access to custom mass spectra libraries which are implemented in the the Mass Spectral (MS) and Retention Time Index (RI) Libraries (MSRI). These libraries of mass spectral and retention time indices can be used with the Nist software to identify metabolites according their spectral tags and RI's. You can search the list of available libraries by simple inspection or by specific query tools implemented in the MSRI pages. All libraries can be freely downloaded and used. Moreover, GMD ask for contributions to develop the MSRI platform into a comprehensive resource for mass spectral tags and customized libraries, which will be spread to the science community for improved identification of unknown compound in metabolic fingerprint experiments.

You can query / access the MSRI pages by choosing the appropriate category on the list below as well as query for particular mass spectra by name or by a mass spectrum. Moreover, the libraries can be downloaded or customized libraries dynamically generated. All libraries can be imported in the NIST 02 software.
Tutorial: Import (pre-computed) libraries into the NIST software (pdf file).

Details@lib. Name@Lib. Version Description@Lib. Download
T_MSRI_ID 2004-03-01 Annotated GC-TOF-MS spectra (curated library)
Q_MSRI_ID 2004-03-01 Annotated quadrupole GC-MS spectra (curated library)
T_MSRI_NS 2004-03-01 Non-supervised collection of GC-TOF-MS spectra of plant species (non-curated library)
Q_LJA_NS 2004-03-01 Non-supervised collection of quadrupole GC-MS spectra of Lotus japonicus (Regel) K. Larsen (non-curated library)
Q_LYC_NS 2004-03-01 Non-supervised collection of quadrupole GC-MS spectra of Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. and related wild type species (non-curated library)
see above MSRI Libraries 2004-03-01 Batch of all currently available (pre-computed) libraries

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